Getting to Coronado By Boat

coronado islandThe resort area of Coronado is surrounded by water. It is a destination that many people enjoy visiting since there are beaches everywhere, dining experiences to be had, and more. You can easily get to the island by using bridges, but there are many people who prefer getting to Coronado by boat.

Traveling by Car

the silver strandWhen you travel by car to get to Coronado Island, you will have the opportunity to travel across the San Diego-Coronado Bridge or driving across the seven-mile stretch of peninsula known as the Silver Strand. The bridge is known as a landmark and it features a very distinctive curve. It is 2.12 miles long and five lanes wide. It is not for the feint at heart, though because at its peak, it is about 200 feet from the water’s surface. This allows larger ships and stuff to pass under the bridge easily and eliminates the need for drawbridges leading toward the island. Both options will give you an amazing view in every direction and there is a lot to see. However, these two areas are often crowded according to some people. Therefore, they prefer to travel via boat.

Traveling by Boat to Coronado Island

coronado bridgeWhen you choose to travel via ferry, water taxi, or personal boat, you can reach Coronado Island within 15 minutes. During this short time, you will be able to have a view of the island that is unmatched by every other view you will find. You can watch the sun sparkle on the water with the island or San Diego as a backdrop. You can see how beautiful the bridge is and gain an understanding of why it has been a landmark since it was first opened in 1969. However, if you have to deal with mechanical issues on your boat, a lot of the thrill can be lost, and you may not like the views that you get so much. This is why many boaters who choose to travel to the resort check out the marine battery reviews from Discount Marine Batteries to ensure that they have only the best possible battery solutions. If you do not have a personal boat, you may want to make sure that you take your journey on a reliable ferry system that can promise they use quality batteries and more to power their ferry.

It Is Time to Choose Your Travel Route

No matter how you choose to venture out between Coronado Island and San Diego, you will have plenty to see. However, you will be able to see more by boat, whether it’s a ferry or your personal watercraft. There are many people who say that traveling on the bridge ensures that you will miss out on the true beauty of approaching paradise and during the season’s peak, you could also waste a lot of time on travel. The key is deciding how you want to travel before you attempt to make the trip. If you are concerned about being able to travel once you get to the island, you can still take your personal vehicle on the ferry and still skip the bridge.