About Us

At Islander our concept is simple: fresh seafood, local beer in a laid back atmosphere catering to casual diners.  You can spend a little for a single tacone (our spin on the fish taco) or more if you desire a complete grilled fish dinner, like local caught California sea bass or local halibut. Several years ago our family was exploring Puget Sound and since we were in the Pacific Northwest, a notorious seafood capital, we sought out the best seafood meals available.  We ventured into Victoria, British Columbia,and dined at Red Fish Blue Fish, a seafood restaurant located on a pier in Victoria's harbor.  The food was incredible and, having been born and raised in San Diego, we knew there was no seafood quite as delicious in our area.  We immediately decided to bring the food to San Diego in the Gaslamp.  Now we are bringing similar delicious food to Coronado! Our signature dish is a tacone - consisting of a grilled flour tortilla, house made chipotle avocado sauce, roasted pumpkin seed slaw, lime pickled jicama and onions, cilantro and your choice of seafood, including local California sea bass, local halibut, local yellowtail, swordfish, salmon or shrimp.  We then roll this into the shape of a cone -- taco in the shape of a cone -- tacone.