Building the Ultimate Outdoor Bar

veneer woodPeople are always looking for a gathering place and most of them enjoy being in the great outdoors. This means that any bar or restaurant can benefit from giving the customers a place to not only gather, but enjoy the outdoors. It is a way to give them the quiet that they may want to have a conversation with their friends without having to go home to have it. The catch is, when building a bar outdoors, you cannot use just any material. You need to know what goes into building the ultimate outdoor bar.

What Goes into an Outdoor Bar

veneer barThink about the inside of your restaurant or bar. You most likely have comfortable chairs and tables, subtle lighting in some areas and more lighting in others, and a fully stocked bar that allows your employees to have a surface area to work with. The same things can be done in the great outdoors. During the daytime hours, you will not need as much lighting, but when outdoors, you may need to have a covering over the tables to protect guests from the elements. You can do this with umbrellas or a full canopy. Your bar top should also be a little different when outside. To make it look nice, you should use wood, but it should be treated so that it does not sustain damage during rain or snow.

How to Make an Outdoor Bar

Most people venture outdoors to gain a little reprieve from the noise inside. Therefore, you do not need to have a lot of tables set up outdoors and you really do not need a large bar. You can easily take advantage of Claro walnut veneer if you want to create a small, beautiful bar that will withstand the outdoor environment and ensure that you do not have to rebuild it very often. It will also be inexpensive so that you can afford to replace it as needed. With veneer, you can take a cheaper wood to build the bar tops and table tops, then cover it with veneer, which can then be stained, painted, or protected. The end result will be that you have a bar that looks like it was made from a beautiful walnut wood, without costing you the walnut wood price.

Do You Need an Outdoor Bar?

veneer bartopMany people do not go to a bar because they do not want to be confined in a space with a lot of noise. By creating a space outdoors, you can encourage people to come in, which will bring in more business. Since they will not have to worry about being enclosed with a live band or a hundred people, they will have the option to gather with people that they already know for a lunch or dinner meeting, a date night, or a celebration for something. If this sounds like something you want, then you will be happy you took the time to create a space for all the new businesses that you may bring in.